3 Fruits Kiwi Guava Peach 100ml 0mg Shortfill Eliquid

Other flavours include:

3 Fruits Strawberry Apple Grape

3 Fruits Raspberry Cherry Watermelon

3 Fruits Passion fruit Plum Lemon

3 Fruits Melon Lemon Orange

3 Fruits Lime Pineapple Lychee

3 Fruits Kiwi Guava Peach

3 Fruits Apple Blackcurrant Pear

The re-invention of layered vaping.

Fruits are by far the most popular ingredients available, when it comes to making e-liquid; but we wanted to take fruit flavoured vaping to the next level and this is exactly what we’ve managed to do. Introducing 3 Fruits, 7 meticulously selected fruit combinations that have been made so passionately, you can almost taste the love that has gone into them.


First you get all the flavour of the first fruit, which gets stronger and juicier the longer you draw for.


While holding, the second fruit starts to come through, bringing a wonderful blend of complimenting flavours.


Now’s time for the third fruit to explode into action. Your mouth will be left watering and your brain will be left wondering how exactly we made that happen.








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