If you’re looking to switch from cigarettes to vaping, then Nzo is a great choice. From the ideal, sleek vaping starter kit with amazing pod flavours, to various 10ml e-liquid flavours for your vape. There’s a huge flavour selection with multiple strengths to choose from.



Nzo Compact Design

compact design

Sleek, portable and pocket-friendly
to take with you on the go

Clean And Lightweight

clean & lightweight

Closed pod vaping system, is sleek in look and light and tactile in the hand

Full Of Flavour

full of flavour

Huge range of flavours from the brands you love and trust

This all depends on your vaping habit and how often you vape. The 1.7ml pods can last more or less a day each! The advantage is that you don’t have to replace coils, you just click the pod out of the device and insert a new pod. 

The Nzo device is a perfect on the go device. It’s as simple as clicking your pod into the device and then you’re ready to vape. As soon as you clicked it in, you can just inhale to activate the vape. 

Nzo partnered with renowned British-made e-liquid producers to offer an even better vaping experience. It’s premium aluminium body is a pleasure to hold and strong enough to be taken anywhere. We’re partnering with renowned British-made e-liquid producers to offer the finest vaping experience that is both safe and enjoyable.

The Nzo starter kit, is perfect for beginner vapers, because it’s hassle free. It’s a ready to go device that’s pocket friendly (about 9.5cm) and easy to use. There’s no buttons, no coils that needs to be changed, just the device and amazing flavour pods. 

When you activate the Nzo vape, a light will light up in the “o” of Nzo. If your light is blue, it means that your battery is 50% or less. 

When you see the red light on your “o” of the Nzo it means that your device needs charging. 

When yo see the green light on the “o” of Nzo, it means that your device is fully charged and ready to go. 

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All Nzo 10ml e-liquids have a 50VG/50PG ratio and come in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strength. Nzo e-liquids are made in the UK.

Nzo 10Mls


There are three Nzo pods in 1 pack. Nzo has now partnered with renowned British-made e-liquid producers to offer their clients the finest vaping experience! 

Nzo Pods


This device is about 9.5cm long and only weighs 80g, so you can imagine how easy and pocket-friendly this device is. It’s the perfect on-the-go vaping device.



Upgrade your vape or add another vape to your vape collection with these spectacular bundles below. Get 3 x free Nzo 10ml e-liquids with any device below. 

All these devices are the perfect starter kits, or just perfect everyday vapes because they are sleek, pocket-friendly, and easy to use. 

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